Proper training is an essential part of dog
ownership.   We have domesticated these
animals and it is up to us to teach them
how to behave in our homes.  What we
deem "bad behavior" is most likely normal
dog behavior.  Digging, excessive barking,
jumping and chewing are just some of the
normal dog behaviors we could certainly
do without.  Although it is unrealistic to
think we can stop all of the normal dog
behaviors, we can manage them.  It is up to
us, as responsible dog owners to teach our
dogs acceptable behavior.
K9 Heeler
"The godly are concerned for the welfare
of their animals"
Proverbs 12:10
30109 Elm Lane
Magnolia, TX 77354
Our hours of operation have changed! We
will be accepting drop offs and pick ups
by appointment only! Private dog training
will still be by appointment. Dog training
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